Handcuffs A - E

Adams, stamped "PATENT APPLIED FOR". This version has 15 notches on the bows.

Adams, stamped "PATd JUNE 17 1862". This later version has only 8 notches on the bows.




AFG, Slovakian handcuffs.

Alcyon model 15901, Spanish high security handcuffs.

American Handcuffs N-100

American Handcuffs A-105

American Handcuffs JN-105, juvenile handcuffs

American Handcuffs N-400

American Handcuffs N-500

American Handcuffs A-550

American Handcuffs Prototype

American Handcuffs, "Fond du Lac, Wis."

American Munitions, Chicago IL. Solid key, first model.

American Munitions, Chicago IL. The rivets are flush.

American Munitions, flat protruding rivets on both sides.

Argentinean handcuffs, marked Alcatrz

Argentinean handcuffs, unknown manufacturer.

August Schwarz, Berlin marked "DR PAT" (Deutsche Reich Patent), double locking. Manufactured in the 1930's.

August Schwarz, model A with smooth surface. Serial number on stationary bow.

Deutsche Polizei by August Schwarz, Berlin. "DR PAT" (Deutsche Reich Patent) from 1930's. The hinge rivets are protruding.

Deutsche Polizei by August Schwarz. "DR PAT". The hinge rivets are flush.

A W Naht Hamburg, German handcuffs.

Bean Cobb, this is the first model without recess at the lock buttons. No serial number. Patented 1899 in USA.

Bean Cobb, plated with serial # 04. No other markings.

Bean Cobb, polished steel with serial number. Unused in mint condition.

Bean Patrolman, barrel key version.

This is the very first version of the Bean handcuffs. Unlike the common Bean handcuffs they take a barrel key and not a solid bit key. One bow is marked PAT.NOV.28. 82. Weight: 433 g

Bean Detective. This is the lightest Bean model and almost similar to the Patrolman but with slightly thinner hinges and link.

Weight: 384 g

Bean Patrolman, early unplated version with patent date stamped on one bow. PAT.NOV.28. 82. Weight: 437 g

Bean Patrolman. Patent dates stamped on the hinge.

Weight: 405 g

Bean Prison, small size heavy link version. Stamped "PAT.NOV.18. 84" and "T" on hinge.

Weight: 432 g


Bean Prison, large size thin link version. Compared to Patrolman this model has slightly heavier bows and hinges.

Weight: 464 g

Bean Prison, large size heavy link version. Unused in mint condition with original box.

Bean Giant, patented in 1887. This is the first version without any markings.

Bean Giant, this version is stamped with the patent date on the backside.

Berliner handcuff, unknown manufacturer. Three lock positions.

Weight: 503 gram

Berliner handcuff, unknown manufacturer. Three lock positions.

Weight: 555 gram

Berliner handcuff manufactured by the company August Mühlenfeld, Barmen. Original key. Four lock positions.

Weight: 500 gram

Berliner handcuff manufactured by the company August Mühlenfeld, Barmen. Variation without a clevis.


Weight: 500 gram

Berliner handcuff, round lock case. Unknown manufacturer. Four lock positions.

Weight: 600 gram

Berliner handcuff, long bow version. Unknown manufacture. Four lock positions.

Weight: 595 gram

Berliner handcuff with articulated bows. Unknown manufacturer. Lockable in three positions.

Weight: 495 gram

Berliner handcuff, unknown manufacturer. This is a light weight Berliner, only 220 gram. It's still a very solid and strong construction.

Lockable in four positions.

Berliner "Figure of 8" handcuff. Lockable in two positions.

Weight: 533 gram

Bockin handcuffs. Patented September 23 1924 in USA. This is the first version with clevis connections rather than links.

Bockin handcuffs, second version with links instead of clevis.

Bockin handcuffs, swivel variation.

Boer War Plug 8 with original plug. Probably manufactured by RCA in the 1950's.

Bonowi Trilock

Bulgarian Communist handcuffs

Burdick chain handcuffs. Patented in 1903 by N. A. Burdick.

The Cannon Flash handcuff, made by master locksmith Ian McColl in Australia. My set has serial number 15.

Carberry, patented in 1912

Caveney handcuffs, patented February 8, 1910 marked "pat's pending". These cuffs are, like the Marlin Daley, referred to as "Bottlenecks".

Chief of Police, made in Japan.

Chief of Police, made in Japan. These handcuffs are made out of brass.

Chief of Police, made in Spain.

Chinese handcuffs from the era of the culture revolution. Made of brass.

Chubb Detainer, 1K70. British manufactured in the 1980's.

Chubb Escort, 1K52, first pattern (with restrictors for smaller wrists). British manufactured in the 1970's.

Chubb Escort, 1K52, second pattern.

Chubb Escort in mint condition.

Chubb Darby handcuffs, marked "Chubb" and "British Made"

Clejuso (Clemen & Jung Solingen), adjustable Darby handcuffs. German manufacture.

These early handcuffs are very special since the swivel is connected to the barrel and not to the bows. Very early model.

Clejuso, adjustable Darby handcuffs, later model.

Clejuso, first version ratchet handcuffs. Stamped DRPa.

Clejuso 12 D, early model marked "DRPa" (Deutsches Reichs Patent) which denotes manufacturing before 1945.

Clejuso 12 D, single lock

Clejuso 12 D, double lock.

Clejuso 12 D, double weight model, early swivel.

Clejuso 12 D, double weight model.

Clejuso 12 R, stainless steel.

Clejuso 11 A

Clejuso Nr 9

These handcuffs are the latest product from the German company Clejuso. The key pattern differ from other Clejuso handcuffs.

Colt handcuffs, first model with centre key hole. Manufactured in USA in 1972.

Colt handcuffs, first model with edge key hole. Manufactured in USA in 1973.

Crockett & Kelly model 1, version 1. Manufactured in USA in the 1970's.

Crockett & Kelly model 1, version 2.

Crockett & Kelly model 2, edge keyhole pattern.

Cumming handcuffs. Patented in 1899 by John F Cumming

Czech prison handcuffs

Darby handcuffs, early model with long chain. No markings.

Darby handcuffs, smaller size.

DDR Polizei, first model, first key version. The body is made of aluminium and the swinging bows are made of steel.

DDR Polizei, first model, second key version. This set takes a bigger key than the first model.

DDR Polizei, second model. This version is the rarest and manufactured only for a short time.

DDR Polizei, third model.

Delestatius This is the forerunner to the Rankin handcuffs. Patented in the US in Dec 10 1861 by Alfred Delestatius.

This is probably an unused specimen.

Deutsche Polizei by Carl Reher, Hamburg

Deutsche Polizei by Heinrich Hagge, Bad Segeberg. Without double lock function on backside.

Deutsche Polizei by Heinrich Hagge. With double lock function on backside.

Deutsche Polizei by Heinrich Hagge, Model K.

Dowler Darby "Superintendent" . Stamped "Dowler" and nr 58 on cuffs and key.

Dowler Darby handcuffs.

Dollar sign handcuff. The origin of this handcuff is not known but it is believed to be German, Austrian or Italian.

Dollar sign handcuff, this is the much rarer version that takes a flat key.

Elijah Rickard handcuffs, manufactured in 1860's. Also see "My top 10" on my site for more information.